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How to maintain your permanent makeup!

How to maintain your permanent makeup!

I often get asked "how long will my permanent makeup or microblading last?!' So I thought I would do a little blog as well as answering any questions you might have!

Ok so 70% of how well your permanent makeup holds is down to you, your health, skin care routine, your lifestyle and genetics (skin type). Let me elaborate some more… Skin is living tissue and once you’ve had your touch-up and they are fully healed your body will try to get rid of your permanent makeup and it will start to gradually fade away each and every month. This doesn’t matter who’s tattooed them, all permanent makeup and microblading will fade over time if done correctly. It is permanent as it is tattooed into the body, however, you do need to have colour boosts done to keep it looking fresh and new.

So why does it fade, my regular tattoo hasn’t faded?!!!! Permanent makeup artists have to use specially made pharmaceutical pigments and not ink like regular tattoos. Permanent makeup pigments are softer more natural based to imitate soft makeup. Our machines are also not as powerful as a regular tattoo artists. A regular tattoo artists machine is too powerful for the face (what we do) and could damage the delicate skin. Our permanent makeup is on show to the sun usually a lot more than a regular tattoo. If you look closely at a regular tattoo that has been in the sun you will see it has changed colour and lightened too.

So when do I come back for a colour boost? Some of my clients come back at 9 months, others 12 months, the majority are usually 15-18 months. 

How your health and lifestyle can affect your permanent makeup and microblading...

For example someone who is diabetic or taking thyroxine medication will bleed more during the treatment and heal slower, therefore the colour will not hold as well as another clients. Your lifestyle effects how long your permanent makeup and microblading lasts. For example, if you’re a sunbed worshipper, work outdoors or go on lots of holidays then chances are you’ll be back really early for a colour boost as sun is our worst enemy and fades your treatment so quickly. Please always protect your treatment with a good sunblock everyday! Also use of products such as Retinol, Retin A and anything that causes your skin to have a frequent cell turnover will lighten ink a lot sooner. 

Top Tip - If you like to go swimming or to the spa, use vaseline on your healed brows & lips to prevent premature fading!

 How your skin type can affect your permanent makeup and microblading... Your natural skin type will affect how well the hair strokes last. For example if you suffer from oily skin and have open pores the hair strokes will not stay crisp in your skin as long and the strokes will merge together quickly too for a powdered looking eyebrow. Facials, LED anti ageing treatments, face creams, peels, microdermabrassions, face washes - you name it they all fade and lighten permanent makeup. Try to keep them off your treatment as much as possible.

Colour lightening and colour change... You must keep on top of your colour boosts, please don’t leave it too long like 2 years as it can cost you more money as you may need 2 treatments to get the colour back in. I ask my clients if you’re unsure whether you need a colour boost or not then send me a selfie so I can advise further. 

My eyebrows have faded to a warmer tone than they were originally... This can happen as your skin has held onto the warmer tones of the pigment as red is the strongest colour in the colour spectrum. The sun and chemicals such as fruity acids, AHA’s and glycol can fade your permanent makeup and leave the warmer tones too.