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Body Sculpting Protocol For BEST Results!

Achieve Your Maximum Success For Eliminating Stubborn Body Fat and Excess Inches by adhering to the following protocol:

Niacin – Regular Niacin (not flush-free or time released niacin).  Purchase regular niacin (which is a B vitamin, specifically B3) in 100 mg. capsules.  Take 1 capsule with water 30 minutes after you have eaten, taking a total of 400 mg per day.  Do not take niacin on an empty stomach.  Niacin may make you feel flushed, warm, and/or itchy for a short period of time.

Hydrate – Drink 100 fl. oz. of water each day (3 liters), with no more than 25 ounces in an hour.  The released body fat needs to exit the body via the kidneys. 

Walk (Exercise) – Maintain your regular workout routine. If you do not workout, walk at least 10 minutes each day.  We need exercise to stimulate the lymphatic system in order to help remove the fat through normal detox.

Compression Garments – such as Spanx or Under Armor should be worn as much as possible during all phases of the lipolaser treatments.

Eliminate Alcohol – completely. This allows your kidneys, liver and lymphatic systems to quickly purge the excess body fat.

Milk Thistle – 200 mg of milk thistle on a daily basis will help detox the liver helping the liver maximize the ultimate removal of the newly released emulsified fats and triglycerides.

Caffeine – Caffeine causes dehydration which will inhibit elimination. If you do drink coffee, we ask that you add 2 additional ounces for each ounce of caffeinated beverage you have to drink.  For example, if you drink one 10 oz. cup up coffee, it is recommended that one drinks 120 oz. of water that day.

Reduce Fat Intake – You’ll achieve the best results by following a low-fat diet during and after treatment. Here’s more information on why and how to eat a low-fat diet during treatment. Focus on eating “Healthy” fats that are less saturated versus “Bad” fats that are more highly saturated. It’s perfectly OK to be following a Ketogenic diet or lifestyle keeping this in mind.

Watch for Constipation – The released body fat needs to exit the body via bowel movements.  Therefore, it is important to eat plenty of fiber so as to avoid constipation.

Vibration Plate – Body Contouring offers its patients the ability to use our vibration plate for 10 minutes after each lipolaser treatment.  A vibration plate helps move the contents of the fat cells through the lymphatic system and subsequently out of the body through urination & bowel movements.

Sauna – Perspiration is a great way to release the fat from the body once the fat has been released from your fat cells.

Lymphatic Massage & Dry Brushing – Help move the newly released fat from the interstitial space through the body and eventually leaving the body through urination and bowel movements.

Keep Your Appointments – Disruption of the treatment cycle will cause your results to suffer.  A minimum of 6 treatments is recommended for all patients. 

Exercise – Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Getting your heart rate up will help to stimulate metabolic activities and help to eliminate toxins and dead fat cells from your body.

Sleep – Sleep at least 7 hours every single night to help your body rest and fuel the natural functions that allow for healthy digestion, fat burning and detoxing.