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New Location In Monroe, WA!


  What is permanent cosmetics?   

 A certified permanent cosmetic technician pricks upper dermal layer of skin manually or with a tattoo pigmentation machine to deposit pigment colorants into dermal layer of skin in areas desired to enhance clients features such as lips, eyes, eyebrows, scalp and other areas client desires.                                


You must consult with Laura prior to booking if you have any previous permanent makeup, any medical condition(s) or are currently on any medication(s). We cannot perform services on anyone pregnant or nursing.

Complimentary 30-minute consultations are available and are recommended for people not familiar with the procedures. We can discuss your expectations and review pre- and post-care together. 

Please note: All sales subject to WA State Sales Tax

  • Eyebrows (Microblading/ Nano Hairstrokes)  - $375
  • Eyebrows - (Machine full shading/powder brows/Ombre')  - $375
  • Eyebrows - Combo Microblading/Nano & Shading (Microshading or Ombre') $450
  • Eyeliner - Top Only $275
  • Eyeliner - Bottom Only $200
  • Eyeliner - Top & Bottom $375
  • Eyeliner - Lash Line $325
  • Lip Liner Only $250
  • Lip Liner & Blended Lip $325
  • Full Lip & Lip Liner  (Lip Blush/Velvet Lips) $450         
  • Eyebrow, Eyes & Lips refresh greater than one year after initial treatment - $250
  • Eyebrow, Eyes & Lips refresh greater than two years after initial treatment - $350
  • Eyebrow, Eyes & Lips refresh greater than three years after initial treatment - Full Price                                                 
 New procedures come with one complimentary touch-up done within no less than 4 weeks post-treatment, and no more than 8 weeks after your initial treatment. Touch-ups only apply to initial treatments done by Ink Haven Studio and not by other practitioners. 

Bookings for corrections or revisions of other artists' work must first be discussed over email and photos must be sent in order to assess your candidacy for revision or correction. 

Please note that there are no guarantees of the success of cosmetic tattooing in general, and microblading in particular. Some people do not respond well to microblading and may achieve a softer look than they are expecting. Additional touch-ups will have a charge applied.


Dear Client, Your time is very important to me and i appreciate that you equally respect mine. Below is our appointment policy.

1) One consultation visit is free of charge. A 48 hour notice is required to reschedule a consultation appointment. If you fail to cancel/reschedule this appointment within this time frame, a $50 prepaid deposit is required to schedule another consultation. The $50 deposit will not be charged.. If you fail to cancel/reschedule appointment again $50 deposit will not be refundable.

2) Please do not bring children to appointment(s).

3) After the consultation a written price quote and a copy of these appointment policies are given. Clients are never pressured to schedule a procedure. In fact, all procedures should be carefully considered before scheduling them.

4) To reserve an appointment for a procedure a deposit of $50 or $100 is required. The deposit will be not be charged unless otherwise as described in paragraph 5.

5) If an appointment must be rescheduled a 48 hour notice is required in order to fill the opening in the schedule. However, if you fail to reschedule and not come at your appointed time, the deposit will not be refunded or reapplied. Please understand that time is reserved for you and i need sufficient notice to fill my schedule.

6)The first visit of the process is the actual procedure/service. The following visit is the Touch-up/Follow-up visit. The service appointment accomplishes the basic design, symmetry and color. The Touch-up visit addresses perfection by focusing on balance, symmetry and detail of healed result. There is no charge for the Touch-up visit as long as it is completed within 4 to 8 weeks of previous visit.

7) A cancellation/rescheduling of a Touch-up visit is required 48 hours in advance. If you fail to reschedule and not come at your appointed time, the complimentary Touch-Up visit is forfeited and a charge of $250 per follow up procedure will be required.

8) A Color Assessment appointment should be scheduled at the end of the first year and if a Touch-Up is needed the charge is $250 per procedure. If at the first year assessment the Touch-Up is determined unnecessary, the charge for the second year Touch-Up is $250. Past the two year mark Touch-Up charge is $350 unless other price is listed at this time. The length of time one waits in between Touch-Up visits will determine all fees.